Equine-Assisted Coaching (EAC)

Equine-Assisted Coaching (EAC) is an innovative and experiential educational approach that utilizes interactions with horses to facilitate learning and personal development. EAC programs are designed to help individuals of all ages and backgrounds acquire new skills, improve their emotional intelligence, and enhance their personal growth in a non-traditional, outdoor setting.

Therapy With Horses

Therapy with horses, often referred to as equine therapy or equine-assisted therapy, is a therapeutic approach that harnesses the unique and powerful bond between humans and horses to promote healing and personal growth. This form of therapy has gained recognition for its effectiveness in addressing a wide range of emotional, psychological, and physical challenges.

We offer a diverse range of programs that are suitable for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Whether you're struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, or simply looking to enhance your emotional well-being and life skills, our equine therapy services can be a powerful complement to traditional therapeutic approaches.

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